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How much does radio advertising cost in Calgary?

The question of radio advertising cost in Calgary is usually answered with “it depends”, which doesn’t neccessarily help you look into radio as a possible advertising vehicle for your business. To help, we’ve put together a summary of what “it depends” on. A standard 30-second radio commercial in Calgary will range from $20 – $150.  These prices consist of a few factors including the type of advertising unit used in your campaign, the goals or objectives of the campaign, and the audience you are trying to reach.

Here are the main factors that determine radio advertising costs.

Advertising Units

An advertising unit is the type of commercial used in your campaign. They include 7, 10, 15, 30, and 60 Second Commercials. The most common radio-advertising unit used is 30-second commercials.

Commercial Positioning

Most radio stations are made up of 5 day-parts.
Morning. 5am – 10am
Midday. 10am – 3pm
Drive. 3pm – 9pm
Evening. 9pm – 1am
Overnight. 1am – 5am

The base advertising rate for most Calgary radio stations is based upon a Reach Plan or Run of Schedule campaign. A Reach Plan advertising schedule will air your commercials Monday to Sunday, between 5am and 1am with your commercials evenly distributed between the day-parts.

Commercial advertising rates will fluctuate based on the time within the day and week they are aired. Specifically running commercials only during the morning commute, or only on weekdays will carry different advertising rates. A common myth about radio advertising is that people only tune in during the morning or afternoon drive times. It is true that usage will spike during those times; however, radio sees consistent usage throughout the entire day reaching 60% of Canadians during the workday, and 62% on the weekends.

Advertising Campaign Objectives

Most campaigns can be identified as either Event Focused, or Branding campaigns.

An event focused campaign focuses on short-term promotion leading up to an event such as a sale or festival. An event campaign requires a higher number of commercials in a relatively short period of time to reach and motivate your customer leading up to and during the event.

A Branding campaign focuses on positioning your business with your consumer and building long-term recognition in the market place. A branding campaign requires consistency. Branding campaigns distribute your commercials over a wide period of time.

Station Format + Audience

Not all radio stations are created equally. Calgary has many different radio station formats including Adult Contemporary, Top 40 Pop, Country, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, News, and News Talk.

The variety of radio station formats in Calgary are designed to appeal to different audiences, such as Women, Men, Boomer, Gen X, Gen Y, Business Owners, Young Professionals, News types, Sports Fans and so on.
Audience size, composition, and listening habits of a stations audience will influence the advertising cost. How so? This is where things can get technical. When referring to listening habits its understanding how listeners use a radio station.

A news only radio station may be programmed to deliver the news headlines, traffic, business, and weather information within a 20-minute loop. With this design, listeners will tune in for short periods of time. Conversely a news talk radio station may be formatted to deliver the news, traffic, and weather alongside discussion, debate, and interviews resulting in listeners tuning in longer. As an advertiser you would need to purchase more commercials on a news formatted station in comparison to a news talk station to effectively reach the audience due to the listening habits.

Understanding the composition of a radio stations audience alongside a firm understanding of your target customer will help you choose the station that is the strongest fit for your company.

Creative Services

When working with most radio companies, your advertising investment comes with full support from the Creative Services Team at no additional charge. They will help you craft your message and produce your commercial(s).



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