4 Things to Remember When Marketing to Baby Boomers
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Baby Boomers

4 Things to Remember When Marketing to Baby Boomers

Let’s say, in an attempt to improve your business’ marketing strategy you’ve decided to give generational marketing a try. You’ve divvied up your consumers into age cohorts and now you have a more refined and targeted plan to move forward with. Great. But now what? Let’s say your target market is the Baby Boomer generation. How can you tailor your advertising messages to better suit the preferences, attitudes, and upbringings of this specific generation? How can your message achieve maximum resonance?

Here’s what you need to know about the Baby Boomers (aged 51 to 69) in order to market to them successfully:


  1. Baby Boomers are information seekers. They search for product information online and through calls/emails. Trust is important to them, so Boomers need to be able to to trust the information they find and believe in the authenticity of your brand.
  2. They need to know your brand’s reason for being. Boomers are interested in knowing what your business stands for and what makes it unique. Why should they choose your company and not the next one?
  3. Boomers like discounts. But then again… who doesn’t? However, discounts and bargain deals will likely appeal more to this demographic than any other.
  4. Boomers are young at heart. Remember one cardinal rule: don’t call Boomers old. “Senior,” “elderly,” and “aged” are definitely anti-buzz words and won’t entice anyone to purchase your product. In fact, the idea of “idle retirement” should be scratched from your marketing strategy all together.

So how do you attain that elusive “boomer appeal”? Just think of Apple and their Genius Bar. The various lessons and tutorials that Apple provides for its customers directly target Baby Boomers who might be unfamiliar with Mac interfaces. However, Apple markets their Genius Bar lessons in a way that neither patronizes nor shames those customers who are less digitally literate than, say, Millennials or Generation Z. Apple as a brand remains cutting-edge and desirable, yet accessible to older generations that might eschew seemingly “out of reach” technologies.


As Bob Dylan—a famous boomer crooner himself— once put it, “The times, they are a’changin.” Yes, times are “a’changing.” The pace and rate of technological innovation continues to accelerate with each passing day. It is important to leverage our changing economic and marketing climate in order to better target generations like the Baby Boomers. In doing so, marketing strategies will better stand the test of time.

Information source: Center for Sales Strategy

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